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Welcome to the Global Surgery Center, where technology and caring professionals
come together to create a quality surgical experience. The Global Surgery Center is proving every day to be the outpatient surgical center of choice. If you are concerned
about your surgical environment as well as your patientís quality of care, then the Global
Surgery Center
may be just what youíve been searching for.

Step into a surgical environment that is efficient and where you can leave the hospital red
tape and delays behind. Our optimal state-of-the-art facility allows you to perform
sophisticated procedures and may surpass all of your present goals and expectations. The Global Surgery Center is licensed as a multi-specialty surgical facility.

Satisfying both the doctorís and patientís needs is reflected in the many advantages offered here at the Global Surgery Center. Briefly, we have highlighted several services and amenities that we know will have special interest to you:

Global Surgery Center offers professional care with friendly & relaxed settings. Our center has talented surgeons, board certified anesthesiologists and experienced nurses.

We hope you will find this website a helpful introduction to our services. Please do
not hesitate to contact us with further questions at (201) 367-2273.


"This center has a better atmosphere
than a hospital, and is much more efficient
The equipment is the latest in technology.
The nursing staff is superb!
Quite frankly all the patients Iíve
seen at the center would rather
come back here for all of
their procedures.Ē

Orthopedic Surgeon

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